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We offer a complete design service, within which we are able to:
  • Liase direct with either designers or clients
  • Prototype without drawings
  • Produce models to prove theories
  • Produce sketchwork with designers or clients
  • Produce accurate drawings for final construction


Our manufacturing skills are legendary. They include:
  • Fast turnaround
  • Close attention to detail, finish and durability (in all weathers!)
  • Wide repertoire, including interactives, animations, animatronics, creative engineering, mechanisms, prototypes, furniture, scenery & scenic painting


We can advise and assist on any level. Our speciality is working alongside your designers to ensure their concepts are achievable and cost-effective. We are able to:
  • Analyse existing concepts for feasibility
  • Suggest effective alternatives where appropriate, direct to the clients if necessary
  • Assist in taking briefs from clients, to ensure clear direction and purpose
  • Brief designers at any level on construction methods, especially with a view to strength and durability